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If you had a store in a shopping mall, would you NOT open your store on time? Would you leave the store unattended half the day? Would you forget to order merchandise from your vendors? Would you decide that branded shopping bags were too much of a hassle to have available?

You HAVE to run your $10-$300-a-month online business just like it was a $250,000-a-month operation!

Because that is what you have in your hands - a $250,000 business that only costs you $10-$300 a month to operate!

Yes, you have to put in some effort (very little, compared to your shopping mall counterpart) and a lot LESS investment(!) to start earning income. Simply introduce a few of your Network Marketing friends/colleagues and partners/team members to join FundMyBiz.Info as your way to help them Succeed. When they join, you earn money when they join our team. You will also receive more money if they go to work and introduce more deserving people to us. (See the chart on the Home page.)

The Usual MLM Process Does NOT Work!

Typically, the beginning Network Marketer/Direct Salesperson sees an Opportunity that they like, with a company they recognize as somewhat trustworthy. Although they have little room in their budget for the cost of the monthly purchase, they are lured into joining by the promise of fast cash, large downlines from spillover, and 'just-around-the-corner-riches-beyond-compare!'

Soon after joining, this new marketer realizes that what their upline is teaching them is NOT working for them. Moreover, the promotion aspect is more difficult and takes longer than they thought it would. Also, the FastStart and Referral bonuses are beyond them because they do not know how to recruit or even talk to others about the business.

They keep adding their personal orders to their credit cards and rarely, if ever, get a commission check. Once they are dissatisfied with the lack of results, they quit and move on to look for something else flashy enough to catch their eye and kindle their dreams.

YOU are the One who Benefits Here!

With FundMyBiz.Info, you first make money to cover your membership fee. Then you cover the cost of your MLM Company's monthly purchase (almost always by the time your 3d level is full - sometimes when your 2d level is full, if your opportunity is low cost). Then, while you continue letting FundMyBiz.Info build you more funds, you suddenly have the opportunity to participate in paid ad campaigns, co-ops, and much more to make your marketing more effective!

If you were to rely on your MLM alone to cover these costs, you are likely to struggle for months before you get there. You would be lucky if you ever do, too, as about 90% of Network Marketing beginners drop out in the first six months due to the lack of anticipated results.

Now You Can Proceed!

Now that you have the right attitude and you WANT to Succeed, all you need to do is show others how they, too, can use this system to fund their own online business. Especially, introduce this to your current downline and to those who have shown an interest in joining your business.

Of course, you can also introduce FundMyBiz.Info to anyone at all who is struggling with expenses. It is up to you who you share this with, but remember that you are mainly using this to enhance and increase YOUR business. It is to your advantage to make sure others in your organization (team or company) find out about this first, from YOU!

Imagine if everyone in your MLM organization, both upline and downline, knew that for only $7.00 a month they would have enough money to make their business GROW!

  • You would get better assistance from your upline!
  • You would have more money to make your business finally WORK!
  • You would have Enthusiastic downline members who start to realize that they CAN finally be successful, too!
  • It is NEVER too late! Just GET STARTED now and see what a Difference this can make!

Get Items (for Free!) Worth $100s!

After you join, you will have access to a nice assortment of items - absolutely free - that will help you promote this (or any other) opportunity. (See the bottom of the Home page.)

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