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1. How many levels deep does this affiliate program go?
Our affiliate program goes 4 levels deep. This means that you will receive payment for each person in the matrix below you down 4 levels.

2. How will I get paid?
Members are paid through the same payment processor that they used for purchasing membership.

3. How much will I get for each person on the different levels?
Level 1: $1.00
Level 2: $1.50
Level 3: $1.75
Level 4: $2.00

See the Chart on the Home page to view the Total Possible Payout.

4. What is the minimum balance I must get before I can request a payment?
There is a $5.00 minimum balance required before we pay you (due to transaction fees). You do not need to request a payment, either. At this time we pay monthly, during the second week, for the previous month's activity, as long as the minimum is met. (We expect that as payouts increase in number, we will pay out weekly!) You can view your balance at any time through your control panel.

5. How long before I can start earning money?
Honestly, this depends on how early you get your position in the matrix and how quickly people join after you. Remember, this is a company filled forced matrix. That means that new people who come into our program, no matter who referred them, will fall into the next available (top to bottom, left to right) position in the matrix and under the member who is next in line to get four on his/her frontline.
You can hurry the process along by ensuring that you introduce this to as many people as you can. (We recommend referring at least 5 people who signup. When everyone does this, everyone can expect to be paid quickly and regularly.)

6. What payment processors can I pay with?
At this time, we use Alertpay. (NOTE: When you join, you may pay with a credit card. You will, however, need to establish (and verify) an Alertpay Business account to get paid.)

We are looking at including other payment processors. Please note that Paypal is NOT an option, due to their restrictions on MLM payments. Do NOT ask us to consider including Paypal - we simply cannot. You need to accept that you have to register with MLM-friendly payment processors to join programs like this.

7. Where is the Hype and the Unrealistic Promises I am used to?
We are sorry - does this really bother you? We know that you have seen 10x10 matrices that promise that you will have 11 BILLION people paying you money. But, really, do you actually fall for that? (The world population is less than 7 billion!)
You must also realize by now that in any matrix that has more than 30,000 (often less) positions, the originator of the program is the main, and often the only real, beneficiary of the matrix payments. That is because very few programs get more than 10,000 participants.

On the Home page, you noticed that a 4x4 matrix has only 340 positions. That is all the positions that everyone, even the originator - the person at the 'top', can get paid on! So this is NOT going to make the originator any more money than it can make for everyone else in the program. FundMyBiz.Info is purposely designed to NOT be a 'get-rich' scheme where the originator is the only one who 'gets-rich'! The plan is simply to allow anyone to generate sufficient income to fund a business where the big money potential is (presumably) at.

8. How long will it take before this program 'peaks out'?
You have probably NEVER gotten a straight answer to this question before! Read on.

You are referring to the 'saturation point' - where the program can proceed no further because a) all the participants who WILL join have ALREADY joined or b) because there just aren't enough people in the world to continue expanding the matrix to. (How many of the (unreal) 11 Billion people in the first full 10x10 matrix will be able to get 11 Billion in THEIR matrix below them? Think about it!)

So with only 340 positions in everyone's 4x4 matrix, and with the program having great appeal to anyone involved in a MLM business or, as a matter of fact, to anyone who has any kind of bill (or debt) to pay, we expect this program to enjoy a very long life.

9. Can I have more than one position in the matrix at a time?
Since this program is NOT designed to be your sole source of income, but to be of assistance in building an 'operations fund' so that you can pursue a valid online business, we are NOT ALLOWING more than one position per person at this time.

(NOTE: We are considering the possibility, however, of allowing an additional position per person once the original position has been paid for a full 4x4 matrix for a minimum of 2 months. In other words, after you have received two payments for the maximum amount (see the HOME page chart), you would be allowed to purchase another membership. Stay tuned for more news on this possibility.)

10. Why does the amount paid out equal less than $7.00?
It is actually very close! The small amount that is the difference between the payouts in Answer #3 and $7.00 is retained by the administrator of the program to pay the payment processor fees (about 57 cents to receive your monthly payment), web hosting fees and other fees incidental to running this program. It will NOT even cover the time spent administrating the program. But then, the administrator is a participant in the program just like you are and has decided that it is in the best interest of ALL of us if YOU make most of the money.


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